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Upcoming Events

Members of Dyslexia Specialists Ireland are proud to present our first webinar series run independently through Tralee Education Centre with dates listed below. Please head on over to their website to register. 

  1. Introduction to Dyslexia: 23/01/2024 @7pm           

  2. Phonological Awareness and Phonemic Awareness: Effective Instruction and Intervention to Support Children with Dyslexia: 7/02/2024 @7pm

  3. Using Evidence-Based, Inclusive Strategies to Effectively Promote Oral Reading  Fluency for Children with Literacy Difficulties: 21/02/2024 @ 7pm

  4. Morphology: An Underused but Critical Component in Understanding and Teaching English Spelling: 6/03/2024 @ 7pm

  5. Dyslexia in the Post-Primary School: 20/03/2024 @ 7pm

  6. The Social and Emotional Impact of Dyslexia: 10/04/2024 @ 7pm

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